Exhibitions and Activities 2018

A visit to the Flax Weaving Museum always includes the option of a guided tour of the permanent exhibitions. It includes the history of the museum and demonstrations of manual production of linen and the function of the looms from Tommerup Weaving Mill including a jacquard loom.

5.5 – 15.7 Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted: Our Weavings

5.5 – 17.6 Petrea Jürgensen: Handwoven Textiles

19.6 – 22.7  Alice Tagge Olesen: Paintings and Otto Jørgensen: Works turned in wood

17.7 – 30.9 Jette Mellgren and Annette Holdensen: Twigs & Cross Stitches         

24.7 – 26.8 Tine Bille: Raku and Willow

28.8 – 30.9 Birgitte Fløe: Weaving with Newsprint and Flax

13. – 21.10   Activities for all in the autumn holidays: Threads talk

17.11 – 18.11 Christmas Fair with Christmas Things and Crafts