Exhibitions and Activities 2013

Besides permanent exhibitions 2013 offers a very exciting thematic exhibition during the season 4th May – 29th September “Clothes of three generations”

In the café there are exhibitions changing throughout the summer:

4th May – 9th June Kirsten Knudsen: “Small embroideries on flax”
Birgit Pathuel: “Pleasure of creating and experiencing”
11th Juni – 14th July Nina Ferlov: “Aquarelle and print on paper”
18th July – 18th August Hakon Lund Jensen: “Lines in Sand”
Jørgen Hanghøi: “From the knife maker’s workshop”
20th August – 29th September Vivian Høxbro: “Knitting with check pattern and stripes”

Autumn exhibition 2013 in the autumn holidays 12th – 20st October Flax in many ways