Permanent exhibitions

The permanent exhibition comprises old tools for manual treatment of flax as it was done formerly in the country. This manual treatment is demonstrated during all the guided tours of the museum.

Besides there is a poster exhibition following flax from field to thread.

The Jacquard top loom was invented in 1808. It implies the use of perforated cards to steer lifting the warp threads to produce the desired pattern. Such a Jacquard top loom is erected and is shown working in slow motion to show the principle.

There are also machines to produce these punch cards on basis of a drawing of the pattern “Patron drawing”. Moreover there are machines to copy deficient cards.

And a lot of other things.

Among the permanently exhibited looms you can see the Millinge loom, an automatic, shaft loom run with pedals. It was made about the year 1890, in a series of 30 by the weaver Hans Jensen in Millinge in Funen.
For about 50 years the loom was dismounted and placed exposed to cold and humidity.
The loom has now been thoroughly restored and works perfectly. Besides this loom only one other Millinge loom has survived to this day.

Besides the permanent exhibition the museum arranges every year a thematic exhibition on a subject connected to flax. In the café the museum arranges changing exhibitions with different artists on more free subjects.